C〓ommunication●s Minister Rudia〓ntara said that ICT 〓developmen

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t is es●sential in Indon○esia at present a○s the country■ is pursui〓ng digital ●technology●-supported■ economy in the fut〓ure by dev●eloping e-com●merce basis operati〓on in most of daily ●life aspects with〓 180 billion dollar● worth of tra〓nsactions were expe〓cted by 20〓20."There will ●be 2,000 stud〓ents tasked to hone 〓up ICT skill●s in the count◆ry and in foreign ●countries as well, i■ncluding in〓

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China. This ■is part of ○our efforts to ca●tch up with di○gital tech●nology," th○e minister said◆ to address the ev〓ent held in● Indonesia tec○hnology an●d research bur○eau premises.◆He added th■at his

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ministry is● now tasked ●to assure ICT beco〓mes the main ○driver and enabler ◆of the natio◆n's economy devel○opment and socia〓l culture tran■sformer ag◆ent.To pursue the ○aim in applyin●g digital ec〓ono

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my, Indone〓sia now faces severa■l challenges that ○need to be addres〓sed accord○ingly.Those challe〓nges were s■mall numbe◆r of talents, fu■nding, taxa■tion, customer 〓education and■ logistics.Please s〓ca

  • Univer〓sity (UNDI○P), Padjad

    n the QR C◆ode to foll◆ow us on Instagra●mPlease sca■n the QR Code t■o follow us on◆ WechatHuawei〓, China Mobile, ○Deutsche Telec●o

    m, Volkswagen sh○are their visio■n for 5GHuaw◆ei, China Mobile, ●Deutsche Telecom, Vo○lkswagen share t〓heir vision for ○5GHuawei, C〓hina Mobile, Deut●sche Telecom, Vo?/p>

    駆kswagen shar■e their vision fo●r 5G03-09-◆2017 07:44 BJTM〓ADRID, March ●8 (Xinhua) -- 〓Huawei, China Mo○bile, Deutsch○e Te

  • j■aran University (UNP?/h1>

    lecom and V◆olkswagen on W●ednesday gave their〓 vision of○ the future of 5G ◆networks with the pu●blication of the 〓book "5G Service

    ■Guaranteed Network ○Slicing", H■uawei Spain inf●ormed in a statem○ent.In the boo●k, the main net●work providers, op●erators and◆ their partn●ers explore new bu〓sine

    ss mode●ls made possible○ by the evolution o〓f the current m●obile network into● the 5G era.The ar〓rival of 5G ul○tra-wide br

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